xtreme 125r features: More than 4,13,470 units of Hero Xtreme 125 r bikes have been sold so far. But till now customers have many questions about the Hero Xtreme 125r Top Speed ​​Mileage, such as how much is the Hero Xtreme 125 r mileage per liter? 

Credit Pic : Bike Wale ( Hero Xtreme 125r )
Credit Pic : Bike Wale ( Hero Xtreme 125r )

xtreme 125r features

According to online automobile website reports, the Hero Xtreme 125r Top Speed ​​Mileage is 66 kmpl. While talking to the customers, many different reports were found, whose average would be 50-70 kmpl,

Hero Xtreme 125r Top Speed ​​Mileage Per Liter

The bike top speed is around 100–110 km/h, when many customers tested the Hero Xtreme 125 r mileage at top speed, they got 50 kmpl mileage. But some customers who tested the mileage at 70 km/h speed got a mileage of 70 kmpl. 

This bike was launched on 20 February 2024, since then lakhs of people have bought it. From the interview with some of those customers, this information has come out that what is the mileage of Hero Stream 125R?

Customer No. 1

A customer living in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh who works in a private organization. He bought this bike for daily use, he says that the distance from his home to his office is 10 KM and he goes to office daily at an average speed of 50KM/h.

He covers the distance from office to home for a whole week in 2 liters of petrol. That is, he is getting an average of 70 kmpl from the Hero Xtreme 125r bike. Which is more than the average mileage promised by the company.

Customer No. 2

A customer from Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh who bought the bike in March 2024, he is a college student. Who goes to his college daily by bike, which is 12KM from his house.

When asked for more information, the bike owner said that he normally drives the bike at 70-90 KM/h.

Customer No. 3

A bike owner from Siddharth Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh gave information while talking to the team. He has been doing long drives with the bike for the last month. Went to Ayodhya twice and also traveled from Siddharth Nagar to Lucknow once by bike.

He believes that Hero xtreme 125 r mileage is good for long drives. He got 60-65 kmpl on the highway, where he was running at an average speed of 70 km/h. He says that on long drives it was cheaper than public transport and he went to Ayodhya by bike for less money than the fare he would have paid to go from Siddharth Nagar to Ayodhya.

Hero Xtreme 125 r Mileage User Review

After looking at the mileage given by the company and the reviews of the bike owners, This bike has got 4.5 stars for mileage on many major automobile portals like Car Dekhe, Bike Dekhe, whereas people have raised questions about the mileage of its competitor Bajaj Pulsar 125.

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